Engraving & Die Stamping

AP Landragin

Engraving and die stamping is the finest form of raised or 3 dimensional print. It is a highly skilled craft that dates back over 500 years. It is elegant and has a distinctive feel, there is no substitute for the fine detailed print it produces.

Engraved print also produces an distinctive bruising on the back of the sheet, which shows the authenticity of the process.

Die Stamping is suitable for most types of printed products, but is especially popular with Crests, invitations and Business Cards. Die stamping produces unbeatable finishes and can be produced in any colours, and is especially visually vibrant with metallic colours. Die stamping also visually enhances print, it produces a beautiful raised effect, with an authentic bruising on the reverse, however this can be hidden through duplexing if preferred. There is no limit to the weight of board it can be printed on either, we have produced printed products on weights as heavy as 2000gsm. It can be used in conjunction with other printed process too, allowing for variety and uniqueness to be applied to an invitation or business card.